Oloroso Cask

The czech company albert michler distillery, is one of the bestknown and oldest independent bottler in the rum segment. This company’s history dates back to the mid of the 19th century and is rebuilded since 2015. Their bottlings usually get an innovative double maturation in czech republic. This rums delight connoisseurs as well as newcomers to the world of rum.

THE RUM FACTORY – double cask collection offers a unique rum style with a distinctive character, which was created by “continental aging”. “THE RUM FACTORY Oloroso cask” based on a selected blend of finest Barbados rum, which aged for average 8 years in ex-bourbon casks. This rum is aged in the Czech Republic for 6–9 months in an ex-oloroso cask. It is a symphony, where fruit, oak and long aging complement each other perfectly. It comes in a rusty bronze color with dark gold hues.

Colour: Rustically bronze
Nose: Burned sugar, bitter almonds with balanced fruit aromas
Palate: Dark chocolate, herbs, dried raisins and intensive sherry notes
Finish: Full bodied and elegant with along warm finish
Tropical aging: Barbados for agerage 8 years
Continental aging: Albert Michler Distillery for minimum 6 months