ALL ABOUT The Rum Factory


Unconstrained by the history, processes and culture of distillery art. We do things differently.

„The Rum Factory“ acts as an independent bottler to make specialties in the Rum world appear in a new light. As in the area of whiskey making, you have the opportunity to bring individuality and creativity into each bottle. Far away from the classic distillery bottlings of the individual distilleries we cooperate with the traditional Albert Michler distillery from the Czech Republic, in order to generate individual blends and unique cask aging for our bottlings. The secret lies in the art of marrying best qualities of each rum from the Caribbean and South America. You can look forward to delicacies which in the future will be placed under the brand The Rum Factory on the international market. More about history


Single barrel production

Premium rum bottler

Tradition since 1863

Double aging


Our focus in the quality

Our Master Blender is the virtuoso of the scene (similar to a perfumer). There are no recipes for blending, the tasting buds of the Master Blender are the decisive factors.

Each barrel is different and has its own individual characteristics. The reason for blending is the consistent quality. Our Master Blender takes young rum and blends it with aged rums so as to give it a certain spiciness and roundness. Also unique and different wine barrels give the classic rum style an individual face. The spectrum of tastes and aroma that can be achieved with this is just about endless… HANDCRAFTED IS OUR SECRET !!!

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